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Co-Founder and CEO

Skylar Talley

Skylar Talley is the co-founder and CEO of MedScout, a revenue intelligence platform for life sciences companies. Prior to MedScout, Skylar held Product leadership positions at Storable (majority stake sold to EQT partners), Waldo Photos, and AlienVault (acquired by AT&T). He has extensive experience across marketplace, consumer and B2B business models at every stage of the startup life cycle. Skylar earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance with honors from the University of Texas at Austin.

Why LiveOak?

“No one has leaned in like LiveOak. From Day 1 of MedScout, I've felt like I've had the full support of the firm to help tackle the hard problems on the path to product market fit. Mike and Venu have been extremely available, proactive, and our best strategic sounding board. I can't wait to continue working with them, and would highly recommend the firm to other early-stage founders.”

Revenue intelligence platform for life sciences companies

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