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Founder and CEO

Chris Richter

Chris Richter is the Founder and CEO of FloorFound, a company that is focused on bringing new levels of sustainability, efficiency and insight to the oversized eCommerce space through the company’s industry leading circular commerce platform. Prior to founding FloorFound, Chris has spent 25 years in technology including key go to market roles with leading enterprise SaaS businesses such as Bazaarvoice, Edgecase and most recently Convey where he served as VP Revenue. Chris was also previously the Founder and CEO of Austin based Socialware which became the leader in the social media compliance and auditing space.

Why LiveOak?

“Beyond an investor, LiveOak has been a true partner to the company and me from day 1. The partner who we work with has rolled up his sleeves and really gotten into the weeds of the business with us to help us to develop a thorough understanding of all of the challenges and opportunities in this new space that we are chartering and has been consistently helpful with recommendations to banks, service providers, prospective employee and leadership candidate referrals and more. In a nut shell, this is a firm that is truly supportive of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurs vision and brings true operational expertise to the table.”

Circular commerce platform for oversized eCommerce

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